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ICC Note: The new report shows that the overwhelming majority, or around 75 percent of religious persecution in the world is aimed Christian minorities. Due to the state backed persecution of Christians, North Korea is one of the most dangerous places for Christians to practice their faith. Persecuted Christians are hung on crosses over an open fire, starved, and crushed by steamroller in North Korea. Unfortunately, the extent of Christian persecution in the world is largely ignored by the mainstream media.

10/17/2017 North Korea (Tru News) – A new report states that the overwhelming majority of religious persecution in the world is aimed at Christian minorities.

The report, commissioned by Aid to the Church in Need, documents the following key findings:

In almost all the countries reviewed, the oppression and violence against Christians have increased since 2015 – a development especially significant given the rate of decline in the immediate run-up to the reporting period. The one exception is Saudi Arabia, where the situation was already so bad it could scarcely get any worse.

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