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ICC Note: Jeremy, a persecuted Christian from Indonesia, fears that Immigration and Custom Enforcement will deport him. Several of his friends have already been deported back to Indonesia where violence and persecution against Christians continues to prevail. Jeremy fears going back home after hearing about the incidents of pastors in Indonesia being beheaded because of their faith. Jeremy came to the United States seeing asylum as a persecuted Christian and deporting him would depreciate the values that the United States stood for in the past.

10/13/2017, Indonesia (NJTV News) – Arthur Jemmy and his wife moved into an upstairs room at the Reformed Church of Highland Park after Newark’s Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked Jemmy to come in for an appointment. The 40-year-old Christian asylum-seeker from Indonesia feared ICE would deport him, just like seven of his friends ICE has already sent back to Indonesia this year, where violence and discrimination against Christians has occurred.

“They’re helping me, but right now, I’m kind of scared,” Jemmy said. “One of the pastors, they chop his head off. So I don’t want to go there. It really scared me. Especially for my families, you know. My parents. So that’s why I came to this country.”

Pastor and Green Party candidate for governor Seth Kaper-Dale has offered sanctuary here before and also runs a resettlement program for asylum-seekers.

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