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ICC Note:

According to LEAD, a Christian NGO in Pakistan, a Christian teenager, Arslan Masih, was beaten to death by a group of policemen yesterday. According to the NGO, the beating stemmed from a dispute between Masih and one of the policemen’s sons. Christians in Pakistan often face widespread discrimination which at times can spark into outright persecution. While extrajudicial killings of Christians have been documented, these extreme instances of persecution are rare. 

10/10/2017 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – Today a Christian student of class 8th was beaten to death by a group of six policemen while he was taking his tuition class at 5 PM

LEAD just got confirmed that a Christian 17 years old student of 8th class namely Arslan Masih was beaten to death by a group of six Policemen in a village Jhubhran of Sheikhopura, Punjab, Pakistan.

According to detail two days ago, there was a fighting between Arslan Masih and sons of Policeman, while in revenge, today six policemen came at his private tuition academy namely Ideal Academy and abruptly started to beat him with clubs and guns’ handle and he was died on the spot.

Now one another Policeman namely Sardar alias Bilo blamed that Arslan Masih has committed sodomy with his son but he was not amongst those six policemen who beaten Arslan to death.

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