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After nearly 3 months of review, The Trump Administration decided on Friday Oct 6, to end the nearly two decade’s old sanctions on Sudan. This is a major decision and will have consequences for years to come. The president’s administration believed that the regime in Khartoum had made enough improvement on the 5 areas of concern that they needed to lift the sanctions. However, during the entire decision process, Sudan showed its commitment to Human Rights violation, especially discrimination against religious minorities. We pray for the Christians in Sudan whose rights will continue to be abused and taken away.


2017-10-09 Sudan (NewYorktimes) The Trump administration announced Friday that it would formally lift a host of sanctions against Sudan, concluding that decades of punitive efforts had done little to encourage reforms or fully resolve a conflict in the Darfur region that once inspired protests.

The rapprochement is among the few policies of its predecessors that the Trump administration has been eager to continue. The State Department announced a new strategy for Sudan in the last days of the Obama administration that included lifting sanctions, ending 20 years of hostile relations.

The reconciliation was set back briefly when the White House initially included Sudan this year among the list of countries subject to a travel ban. But last month the Trump administration removed Sudan from the list, the only country named in the initial ban to no longer face any restrictions.

In a briefing with reporters, State Department officials emphasized that while the Sudanese government was still far from perfect, there were enough signs of progress on several fronts to move forward. Those issues included the end of Khartoum’s attacks on civilians in Darfur and other areas, curbing its destabilizing activities in neighboring South Sudan and increasing its cooperation with the United States on counter terrorism issues.

“The government of Sudan’s actions during the last nine months show that it is serious about cooperating with the United States and has taken significant steps to stop conflict and improve humanitarian access within Sudan, and to promote regional stability,” said Heather Nauert, the State Department’s spokeswoman.



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