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According to Amnesty International, European countries have increased the number of deportations back to Afghanistan by 300%. Many of the deported asylum seekers are Christians who face incredible danger in Afghanistan because of their faith. Death threats, attacks, and discrimination are realities for many asylum seekers who became Christians while in Europe. In addition, many asylum seekers have not lived in Afghanistan for years and have nothing to return to. They don’t know where to get a job, how to pay for their basic necessities, or if they’ll be attacked for their faith.

10/09/2017 Afghanistan (Christian Times) – Amnesty International has warned European governments about the risks being faced by Afghan Christian converts and other asylum seekers who are being deported back to their country.

The charity has reported that 9,460 asylum seekers were forcibly sent back to their homeland by European states last year, despite the high risk of torture and death they face there.

“In their determination to increase the number of deportations, European governments are implementing a policy that is reckless and unlawful,” said Anna Shea, Amnesty’s researcher on refugee and migrant rights, as reported by The Independent.

“Wilfully blind to the evidence that violence is at a record high and no part of Afghanistan is safe, they are putting people at risk of torture, kidnapping, death and other horrors,” she added.

Among those deported from European countries were unaccompanied children, some of whom were sent to parts of Afghanistan they were unfamiliar with and where did not know anyone, Amnesty noted.

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