Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

Two Christians and a Hindu received excellent news that blasphemy charges against them were dropped. The two Christians were accused of burning a government document that had verses from the Quran in it. The incident occurred on September 28. Despite the good news, the Christians are constantly in danger of mob violence. Just because they are no longer officially charged with blasphemy, angry radicals may think otherwise. Pakistani Christians must be aware of both judicial and extrajudicial persecution.     

10/08/2017 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Blasphemy charges against three men dropped, after an FIR was registered against them. The incident unfolded in Dunga Bunga, in Bahawalnagar. The three respondents included two Christians namely Vishal Tariq, Adil Saleem Masih and a Hindu Bhola Ram.

In a social media video, Tv Host Waqar Zaka reported that the three have been released and were free. He reported that the blasphemy charges against the three have been dropped. Previously an FIR was registered on September 28, 2017 invoking Sections 295-B, 109, 201, 435 of Pakistan Penal Code. The FIR stated that Vishal Tariq and Bhola Ram had burnt government record which included pages with Quranic verses on them.


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