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ICC Note:

On September 19, Afzal Masih, a Christian worker, was kidnapped by a Muslim man who owns the brickworks that employed Afzal. The Muslim owner accused Afzal of theft and kidnapped him as punishment. Afzal’s family denies the allegations and have requested that the owner return Afzal. The family has even gone to the police, but received no help. The kidnappers have informed Afzal’s sister and mother that they need to give the kidnapper their home and land.

10/07/2017 Pakistan (Asia News) – Afzal Masih, a Christian worker and father of three children, was kidnapped by a Muslim who owns a brickworks. The man’s family, resident in Malkhanwala, Faisalabad, reports that Afzal has been missing since 19 September.

Relatives asked Ullah, the Muslim brickworks owner, several times to hand the laborer over. But he accuses the Christian with theft and for this reason he is detained behind bars. Afzal’s mother and sister dismiss the allegations and complain that behind the whole affair is Ullah’s attempt to get hold of their home.

Afzal works in a brick works that does not belong to Ullah. He has no ties to the Muslim, except the fact that their houses are adjacent. On September 19, Ullah sent to call the Christian and his mother Safia Bibi. Arriving at his home, the businessman accused Afzal of having stolen 250,000 Pakistani rupees [about 2,000 euros] from a relative’s home. So he detained the Christian and sent his mother home. From that point on, no one has seen him anymore.

On several occasions the mother demanded the return of her son, but whenever she went to the bricklayer she received only insults and threats. She also went to the police, but Afzal has not been traced. The Muslim is threatening Safia with the worst consequences if the family does not deliver her other children or her home.

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