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ICC Note:

India is reinforcing discrimination and injustice by attempting to prohibit people in India’s lower caste from receiving an education. Education is crucial for promoting equality and Christian schools in India have been at the forefront of providing impoverished and ignored people with free education. Recently, India is targeting Christian schools for attack and false accusations. Such attacks reflect India’s disregard for equality and religious freedom.     

10/06/2017 India (Asia News) – The Hindu Radicals intimidation of “Catholic schools has a definite purpose: to strike the jewel of Christian presence in India, “ says PIME missionary Fr. Carlo Torriani.  The priest who has spent almost 50 years in India was commenting to AsiaNews, on the affair of the closure of the Catholic college that housed poor children in Madhya Pradesh.

Starting from that episode, Fr. Torriani traces the continued Hindu abuses of Christian schools in the country. For the priest, the true aim of the attacks that also target Catholic administrators accusing them of forced conversions is “to inflate the image of the Catholic Church and to curb its work with the poor, tribal and dalit”.

A teacher from Mumbai (asking for anonymity) intervenes on the Dalit question, adding: “Christians support equality among all men and women. In India, the caste system has been in force for centuries. ” Although abolished by the Constitution, social discrimination based on the caste hierarchy is still very strong across the territory. Dalies are relegated to humble jobs, the former “untouchables” find it difficult to find decent jobs and be admitted to schools.




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