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ICC Note: Chinese pastor Xu Yuqing along with her daughter and a three year old son have been detained by Chinese authorities for carrying out mission work. The two women were preaching, dancing, and performing on instruments in local parks and squares where public officials frequently interrupted them and attempted to shut them down. Currently, it is unclear whether the three are under criminal or administrative detention. Pastor Xu has previously been targeted by the Chinese authorities as her house church has been shut down.

10/04/2017 China (Gospel Herald) –Chinese officials detained a pastor, her daughter, and her three-year-son after the family refused to stop carrying out mission work — and their exact whereabouts remain unknown.

According to persecution watchdog China Aid, officials seized Pastor Xu Shizhen, her daughter, Xu Yuqing, and Xu Yuqing’s three-year-old son, Xu Shouwang, on September 22 after the two women took part in Zion Church’s efforts to spread the Gospel in local public parks and squares.

The women sang, danced, performed with bamboo instruments, and preached during these events, even though the local religious affairs, public security, and national security bureaus frequently interrupted and attempted to shut them down.

The three remain detained, and family members are unsure of whether they are under criminal or administrative detention. Police reportedly informed them they had separated the women from the child, keeping him at the station while transferring his grandmother and mother to other facilities.

Calls to the police station and Yang Haijun, the deputy director of the Xianan District Religious Affairs Bureau who spearheaded the persecution of Zion Church, have been unsuccessful, according to China Aid.

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