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ICC Note:

The families of the Coptic Christians killed by ISIS militants in Libya two years ago have demanded that the victims’ remains are returned. Last week, Libya’s Public Prosecution announced that the perpetrators of the massacre were arrested. However, these individuals have not yet been subject to the due process of law. The horrifying massacre of these 21 Coptic Christians left their families beyond grief-stricken. The massacre also affected their livelihoods, as the reason these Christians were working in Libya was because of an inability to earn a sufficient income in Egypt. Pray for these families that they may find peace and that the remains of their loved ones will be quickly returned.


10/02/2017 Egypt (Egypt Independent) – The families of Coptic Christians killed in Libya in February 2015 demanded Friday, that the victims remains be returned to Minya governorate.

Libya’s Public Prosecution announced on Thursday that the perpetrators of the kidnapping and beheading of the 21 Copts have been arrested, after authorities discovered the murdered Egyptians in Sirte, Libya.

The families appealed to Egyptian authorities to intervene for the remains to be returned, and called on the Libyan judiciary to execute the perpetrators and photographers of the massacre in a public square, as well as publish their images on social networking sites.

Father of victim Essam, Samir Isak, expressed joy at the arrest of the perpetrators, calling for their revenge to be similar to what happened their sons. He demanded that the remains of the victims be found and handed over to their relatives.

For his part, Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, Ambassador Khalid Rizk, said that the Foreign Ministry is considering the request of the families to return the remains, in coordination with the Libyan side.

Rizk said, in a statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm, that the proposal would take time, due to the procedures with Libyan authorities.

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