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ICC Note:

Two pastors were accused of bribing Hindus to convert to Christianity and charged under India’s anti-conversion laws. After the arrest of the two pastors, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) began assisting the pastors and, coupled with the pastors’ statement of innocence, eventually the pastors were released. Although encouraging, such an outcome is rare in India. Too often, Christians are unable to defend themselves and face jail time, heavy fines, and continued harassment due to the anti-conversion laws.    

10/02/2017 India (Premier) – According to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), who supported the men, a local Hindhu leader contacted the authorities after noticing a larger than normal attendance at the local church.

Police took action using the country’s strict anti-conversion laws, arresting the Pastor Santok from the church in Haryana and Pastor Kalyan who was a visiting speaker.

After vehemently denying the accusations, along with support from the BPCA, the men were let go after the local Hindhu was assured no bribe was given.

Speaking following the ordeal, Pastor Santok, said: “We were simply sharing the gospel and had the doors open at our church for anyone who wanted to come in.

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