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A group of twenty Iranian Christians recently embarked to a secret location in order to be baptized. Although this action could result in any number of charges, including the death sentence, these converts have decided to return to Iran. The Iranian regime uses persecution to isolate Christians from community, and many never have the opportunity to experience Christian fellowship and discipleship. Pray for the safety of these newly baptized Christians, and that other Iranian Christians may safely find each other through the underground church network.

9/28/17 Iran (CBN) – Undisclosed Location in Middle East– This may come as a surprise to many of our readers: Christianity is growing faster in Iran than in any other country in the world. The population there is overwhelmingly Muslim, yet tens of thousands are abandoning the faith.

On a recent Friday afternoon, some 600 miles east of Tehran, not too far from the Afghanistan – Turkmenistan border 20 Iranians were preparing to make a secret journey out of their country. CBN News has concealed their identities and changed their names out of concern for their safety. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for nearly nine years,” said Hediyeh.

The mission took months to prepare. It was fraught with danger. “This was my wish before I die,” Fariborz told CBN News. Afarin helped arrange their travel.

“The moment the Iranian government discovers someone has changed their religion, they will try eve The 20 abandoned Islam for Christianity. Most paid a price for converting.

“The government scares Christians, imprisons them, fires them from their jobs, kicks them out of school, and many other tactics– all in an effort to stop them from evangelizing.”

Afarin knew what they were about to experience could land them in trouble. CBN News met them shortly after they left Iran.  And this is why they left Iran for a few days. “Inside Iran, if the government found out that you were baptized, you would be automatically imprisoned,” said Paul, an American who travels frequently to Iran.

“So rather than do that inside their country, they came outside,” he added.

One-by-one the young and old got dunked.

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