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ICC Note: Congressman Ed Royce aptly assessed the situation in North Korea when he simultaneously called out the Kim regime and pledged his support for the North Korean refugees. Thousands of victims have fled to surrounding countries forsaking a life of slavery, destitution, and misery under the rule of Kim Jung-un. The North Korea Human Rights Reauthorization Act enables Congress to provide oversight for all endeavors in North Korea and pledges humanitarian support to the thousands of refugees.

09/27/2017 North Korea (Foreign Affairs Committee) – On the 25th of September, the House of Representatives passed the North Korea Human Rights Reauthorization Act. H.R. 2061 provides Congress with oversight for any US aid to North Korea. The bill includes provisions for the renewal of the Special Envoy to North Korea, as well as activities such as technology drops and radio broadcasting.

H.R. 2061 will now proceed to the Senate, where it will be addressed in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. ICC has been very active in pushing for this bill to be passed quickly in order to provide timely humanitarian aid to the North Korean refugees.

Congressman Ed Royce, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the House, stated “The Kim regime wants to pose a mortal threat to the United States, and to our democratic, treaty allies: South Korea and Japan. But in facing this reality, we cannot afford to forget the regime’s greatest victim and longest-held hostage: The North Korean people themselves.

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