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ICC Note:

Four Christians sentenced to five years in prison for “violence and witchcraft” were released after the government overturned their sentences. The four Christians were falsely accused after they prayed for the healing of a mentally ill woman. Even the woman’s husband denied that there was any wrongdoing involved. Despite the husband’s testimonies, the four Christians were imprisoned. ICC recently launched a petition calling for the Christians’ release.     

09/27/2017 Nepal (Christian News) – Four Nepali Christians sentenced last year to five years in prison for “violence and witchcraft,” after praying for a mentally ill woman, have been released after their sentences were overturned.

In a statement, the Federation of National Christian, Nepal (FNCN) thanked the court for “setting free our innocent people”, and said it would continue to support the Christians and their families following their release.

Lali Pun, Bimkali Budha, Ruplal Pariyar and his wife Ganga were found guilty in December 2016 at the District Court in Salyan—a district in western Nepal—even though the woman had testified in court that their prayer had healed her. A fifth Christian, Rupa Thapa, was found not guilty.

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