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After India’s Jharkhand state passed an anti-conversion law, six Christians were arrested under the false accusation of paying indigenous people to convert to Christianity. The Christians were arrested September 15. On September 25, over 5,000 Christians marched through Jharkhand, demanding the release of the imprisoned Christians. India’s anti-conversion laws have justified increased persecution against Christians. Radical Hindus use the anti-conversion law to force Christians to stop exercising their faith, despite the constitutional right of religious freedom.   

09/27/2017 India (UCAN India) – Some 5,000 Christians marched silently through India’s Jharkhand state demanding the release of six Christians jailed last week on complaints of offering money to villagers to attract them to Christianity.
The Sept. 25 ecumenical “silent protest” was organized after a local court on Sept. 21 rejected the bail application of six Pentecostals, who were arrested Sept. 15 from Tukupani village in Simdega district.

“We wanted them to be released because they are innocent people who gathered for a prayer,” said Gladson Dungdung, a Catholic leader, who was among those who organized the protest in Tukupani.

The court in Simdega district rejected the bail application of five men and a woman “seemingly under pressure from higher ups. But we are appealing to a higher court,” said Dungdung, who works for the rights of indigenous people.


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