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A 28-year-old woman in India has alleged that she was held against her will and tortured after she married a Christian man. Reports suggest that the family lured the woman to a yoga trust where she was held for 22 days, physically assaulted, and threatened with “evil consequences” if she stay married to a Christian. The woman suggested there were over 60 other girls held there. All were undergoing Hindu classes that taught the evil of other religions like Islam and Christianity. The woman also suggested the business she was held at has been in existence for 15 years and the police will not interfere.  

09/26/2017 India (India Today) – A female Ayurveda doctor from Thrissur in Kerala has lodged a complaint with Thripunithara police alleging that she has been harassed and tortured in an alleged religious counselling centre for marrying a Christian guy. The 28-year-old who did not wished to reveal her identity, has made serious allegations against Yoga and Charitable Trust in Kochi.

According to the complaint, she was misled to the centre by her own family. The Udhayamperur police have registered a case against 6 people including the woman’s brother-in-law, Manoj Guruji, who runs the yoga centre and 4 others.

Last year the woman got married to a Christian man inspite of immense opposition from her family members. Under the guise of reconciliation, Manoj and his parents invited the victim to their sister’s house at Avoli, Muvattupuzha on July 28 and from there they took her to the Yoga and Charitable Trust at Kandanad run by Manoj Guruji on July 31.


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