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Pakistani authorities are investigating the latest sighting of an ISIS flag in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. A message accompanied the flag, “The Caliphate is coming.” Residents are becoming increasingly fearful that ISIS is developing a strong presence within the country. There have been several foiled attack attempts by people claiming to fight for ISIS in the last several years, but with ISIS’ displacement in Iraq and Syria, experts are worried about an increase in ISIS militants as Pakistani fighters who left Pakistan to fight in Iraq and Syria return home.    

09/26/2017 Pakistan (New Delhi Times) – The sighting of an Islamic State flag spread fears among residents in Pakistan’s capital, prompting authorities to order an investigation of the incident.

“The Caliphate is coming,” read an inserted slogan on an IS flag which was put up over a billboard Sunday on a major expressway in Islamabad.

Pakistan Interior Ministry authorities told VOA a committee has been formed to investigate the incident, denying reports IS may have established a foothold in the country.

“The group does not have an organized presence, resources or structure to be able operate in the area,” Talal Choudhry, State Minister for Interior Affairs told VOA’s Urdu Service.

Pakistani authorities acknowledged at least one IS flag was displayed on a billboard, but some sources told VOA other IS flags were found in other parts of the capital city.

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