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Iranian national media have reported that several Christians in Tehran, Rey, and Pardis have been arrested as a result of a video published showing dozens of Christian literature items, including Bibles, which were stored and discovered by authorities. Converting to Christianity is illegal in Iran, but despite intense persecution the church in Iran continues to grow. Frustrated by their inability to curb conversion, the regime is ratcheting up efforts to prevent Christianity from growing.

09/26/17 Iran
(Mohabat News) – As reported by the Iranian national media and cited by close sources of the Sepah, several Christians in Tehran, Rey, and Pardis areas were* identified and arrested as a result of a video having been published in which dozens of Bibles, textbooks, theological notes, and CDs that had been stored and discovered by the Sepah.

These sources have not explained about the identity of the arrested people or their numbers, however they have claimed that: “they was a large network in which they were attempting in undermining the Abrahamic religions, disturbing public opinion, and distraction of public and cyberspaces using the excuse of promoting Christianity and holding house churches.”

Besides, it was emphasized in another part of this news that: “among the documents found in this religiously deviant network (claimed by these Sepah forces), they could find many books regarding other religions, networking, connecting with strangers and damaging Islam or other religions.”

During the past few months we have seen different people commenting about the promotion of Christianity in Iran, like the warning of “Ayatollah Alavi Brojerdi” the head of trusteeship in main mosque in Ghom, regarding the promotion of Christianity among the young generation of this city and the warning of “Ghasem Abdollahi” the chief of Judiciary in Markazi province about the excessive promotion of Christianity and more importantly, the warning of “GhiasedinTaha Mohammadi” the chaplain of Friday Namaz in Hamedan city, stating that they have opened their house churches to lure those Shia Muslims who are not strong in their beliefs and the fact that they have power to stand against Christianity.”

All these warnings would expect that the government would be forced to exert force in order to cover the inability of Islamic leaders and prevent the converting of Iranian citizens to Christianity. Hence they use the power of Seyedoshohada Sepah forces (the second Sepah of Tehran after Mohammad Rasoulallah Sepah).

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