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Nearly a year after his arrest, American Pastor Andrew Brunson continues to languish in prison with no access to justice. In August, Pastor Brunson was charged with attempting to overthrow the government and espionage. These charges have been levied with no presentation of evidence and could result in severe consequences. A new emergency decree in Turkey has been signed which would allow Recep Tayyip Erdogan to return inmates to their home countries. Pray that Pastor Brunson will soon be released from prison and that God will continue to give him strength to endure through his sufferings.  

9/24/2017 Turkey (CBN News) – American Pastor Andrew Brunson continues to remain in prison in Turkey. He’s been incarcerated for nearly a year.

Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, said President Donald Trump was scheduled to meet with the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on Thursday at the United Nations. No word yet if Brunson’s imprisonment was discussed.

“He is in extraordinary danger,” wrote Sekulow in an email.

“He is isolated and alone with no access to justice in Turkey,” Sekulow said. “Pastor Andrew has endured devastating persecution and suffering solely because of his love for Christ.”

Brunson, 48, faces charges of espionage, acquiring secret political and military information, attempting to destroy constitutional order and overthrowing the Turkish parliament, in addition to alleged “membership in an armed terroristic organization,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

Brunson has said his reason for living in Turkey for the past 23 years was “…for one purpose only. To tell about Jesus Christ,” according to the ACLJ. He has also said that he has “…done this openly, in front of the government,” the ACLJ reported.

“Pastor Andrew now faces new, more serious, and demonstrably false charges carrying even stiffer punishments, if convicted,” Sekulow said. “We’re aggressively fighting for Pastor Andrew’s immediate freedom.”

Nearly 350,000 people have signed an ACLJ petition: “Free American Pastor Andrew Brunson.”

Interestingly, a new emergency decree in Turkey gives Erdogan the right to return inmates to their home countries.

“Please pray that President Erdogan would use the authority he was given by a new decree (694) to return prisoners to their home countries on Andrew’s behalf!” a September 16 post on Andrew and Norine Brunson’s Facebook page exclaims.

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