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In Northern Nigeria, it is very dangerous to convert from Islam to Christianity. This is because the 9 Northern States of Nigeria are control by Sharia law. In many forms of Sharia, it is illegal to convert from Islam. This is true of these states, and made life very dangerous for one Fulani man who decided to convert over 20 years ago. Since his conversion, Habibu Adam Mohammed has been evangelizing to those who now hate him. He has received death threats, has been beaten multiple times and even had a group send an person to act as a Christian to get close to him and kill him. Yet he is still strong in his faith and works to spread the Gospel. 


2017-09-24 Nigeria (MorningStarNews) Before Boko Haram began growing into a prominent terrorist force in northeast Nigeria in 2009, its members were trying to kill a highly effective evangelist to ethnic Fulani Muslims.

One Boko Haram member pretended to be a Christian in order to kill Habibu Adam Mohammed, 49, an Islamic teacher who had longed to die as a Muslim martyr before he became a Christian 21 years ago. The group once sent a member to infiltrate his ministry and kill him, the evangelist told Morning Star News.

“The man stayed with me and pretended to have converted to the Christian faith,” said Mohammed, who has helped lead hundreds of ethnic Fulanis to Christ. “However, after some time, he confessed to me that he was sent to kill me, but that I was a good man and so he would not kill me. He asked that I should move him away from the area, or else both of us would be killed.”

Mohammed smuggled him out of the area, and the man later rejoined Boko Haram when it tried to seize Borno state’s capital city of Maiduguri in 2014, he said.

“The shocking thing is that this terrorist had never attended even primary school, yet here he was having in his possession military, police, and other paramilitary uniforms,” he said. “He had identity cards indicating he was a serving personnel in these security agencies. I was baffled as to how he obtained them.”

The hatred for his work among the Fulanis in northern Nigeria was such that he was beaten several times, on one occasion left for dead. His house has been burned down, and Boko Haram has not ceased scheming to kill him, he said. A politician who resolved to kill him on May 30, 2014 announced it publicly to area Fulanis the day he planned to carry it out, he said.



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