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The church has to play a key role in helping to end the lifetime presidencies that are so common in Africa. One writer is calling on the Church and its leaders to take a stand against President Museveni in Uganda, just like leaders in other countries have. The church has played a key role in ending lifetime presidencies and dictatorships in both Malawi and Zambia and helped to stop a second Zambian president from forcing his own lifetime rule. Now the church is being called on again to ensure the Museveni does not change the constitution of Uganda to allow him to stay in power past his 72 birthday.


2017-09-20 Uganda (AllAfrica) There is something important our revolutionary leader, Gen Yoweri Museveni, has skipped this year – celebrating his birthday.

This is something he has religiously done annually since 2014 when he turned 70. On his 70th birthday celebrated on August 15, he revealed that he was born “around September 15, 1944.”

Skipping this annual family fete tells you how cautious Gen Museveni has become with his age. He doesn’t want to be reminded when he was born. Reminding him, I think, is about to be declared an offence.

The truth of the matter is that even after all the alleged editing has been factored in, Museveni will be 76 in 2020 and, therefore, ineligible to appear on the 2021 presidential elections ballot paper.

That is why fortune-hunters have seized the moment to help him change the Constitution so he can realize his dream of dying in the presidential office.

I don’t intend to dwell much on the demerits of life presidency. This is something more qualified people dealt with starting in 2003, again when Museveni shamelessly started mooting the idea of removing the presidential two-term limit.




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