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Boko Haram has claimed the lives of at least 12 more innocent civilians in Northeast Nigeria. The attack was carried out on Monday morning, Sept 18, 2017, by three separate suicide bombers. The attacks started when several Boko Haram Militants fired shots on one side of the town. This caused many of the people living in the town to flee in the opposite direction. As they were fleeing the area, the suicide bombers joined the crowds and detonated the bombs that they were carrying. This led to many dead and many more wounded. The count is possibly as high as 15 killed and more than 40 injured.


2017-09-19 Nigeria (AllAfrica) Maiduguri — Twelve persons were lost in suicide attacks unleashed on Mashimari village in Konduga, Local Government Area of Borno State by suspected members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The Chairman of the state Emergency Management Agency (BOSEMA), Ahmed Satomi, in a message to journalists, said: “We regret to announce that 12 people lost their lives while 28 other persons were injured in the Monday (yesterday) morning suicide attack on Mashimari village of Konduga town.”

Satomi added: “All victims have been evacuated from the scene of the attack to medical facilities in Maiduguri, while those with minor injuries have been referred to Konduga hospital for treatment.”

The figure by Satomi fell short of the earlier figure given by the agency’s Head of Rescue Operations, Bello Dambatta, who was in Konduga to conduct the rescue operations at the scenes of the attacks.

Dambatta had told journalists that 15 persons were killed in the attacks with 43 others injured.

Dambatta, who claimed he was in Mashimari village to oversee the rescue operations, said women were mostly affected by the attacks.

He equally lamented that going by the severity of the injuries, the death toll might rise.

He however, said most of the victims were evacuated to medical facilities in Maiduguri and Konduga.

Another source, Bunu Bukar, the Secretary of the Hunters Association in the state, said three suicide bombers staged the attack after gunshots got villagers fleeing.

He said the scene of the attack was not far from the Mandarari Internal Displacement Camp that was attacked last August.

According to Bukar, “the Boko Haram first fired gunshots around 9a.m yesterday, which scared the villagers to run out and head towards Konduga and unknown to the villagers, three suicide bombers sneaked into their midst and blew up.”



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