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The Sudanese Government is forcefully sending back 100 Eritrean Refugees who were fleeing the oppression of their homeland. This is even though it is a serious violation of international refugee law. These refugees, many of whom have been in jail in Sudan for months, are going to be returned to a country who will most certainly make them suffer for trying to leave Eritrea against the countries laws. Eritrea does not let any of its citizens leave the country for any reason, and has earned it the nickname of the North Korea of Africa.



2017-09-17 Eritrea (AfricaNews) The United Nations refugee outfit (UNHCR) has expressed deep worry over recent deportations by Sudan of Eritrean nationals – who are either in its territory or on transit to Libya.

Media reports indicate that over 100 Eritreans have been deported in the last few weeks – some after serving jail terms and others immediately after court rulings.

The UNHCR’s point of concern according to a statement issued by a top official in Sudan was that the rights of these refugees were being violated under international laws.

“The forcible return of refugees to their country of origin is a serious violation of international refugee law.

“They were deported on charges of illegal entry into Sudan, which is not supported under international refugee law… [These charges] are waived in the case of refugees,” deputy representative for Sudan Elizabeth Tan said. 



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