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The Fulani are an ethnic tribe that spans across most of sub-Saharan Africa. They are also a predominately Muslim group. This means that when one of them tries to leave Islam for another faith, they do not allow it. This is the case for Bulus, a Fulani Nigerian, from Northern Nigeria. When he became a Christian, his family did everything they could to make him return to Islam. They took away his inheritance, ended all chance of an arranged marriage, the support from his family and the protection of the clan. When he still decided to follow Jesus, he had to flee from home, because his family threatened to kill him. When he returned years later, they had him thrown in jail on false Charges. Read His Full Story below.


2017-09-12 Nigeria (WorldWatchMonitor) Belonging to the ethnic Fulani tribe means you are almost certainly Muslim. When Bulus*, a Nigerian living in northern Bauchi State, decided he wanted to become a Christian, he was not only ostracized by his family – they also made sure he ended up in prison on false charges.

Bulus’ days now seem endless. He shares his home, a cell in a prison in Bauchi, with more people than is healthy. At night it’s a struggle to find enough room to lie down comfortably on the cold and dirty floor among the other bodies, emaciated from insufficient nutrition and regular bouts of diarrhea. He doesn’t know when this ordeal will end and dares not fuel any expectations of a speedy release.

Bulus, 32, has committed no crime. Other than being a Fulani who decided to leave Islam.

He was arrested by the police following claims from his family that he had stolen livestock, although there was no evidence to support the charges. The officers decided to give his family the benefit of the doubt and Bulus knows it could be ten years before he’ll see significant progress in his case.



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