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Due to the extensive activities by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab in Southeast Kenya, many families have fled the area and even schools are shutting down. There are at least three large schools in the area that have been closed down due to the security threat. This means that more than 1000 kids are not getting the education that they will need to be more successful in life. Parents in the area are calling on the government to find a solution to the terrorist threat as well as a better solution for their kids schooling. Al-Shabaab has conducted three attacks in the last two months that have target Christians killing at least 14 Christian men.


2017-09-09 Kenya (AllAfrica) Learning has been paralysed in all areas of Lamu County where the multi-agency security operation dubbed Linda Boni is ongoing.

The operation which is being conducted by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in cooperation with the various units of the National Police Service was launched by the government through in September 2015 with key objective being to flush out Al-Shabaab militants believed to be hiding inside the dense Boni Forest.

A spot check by Nation this week established that a total of eight primary schools in the operation areas in Lamu remain closed even as the third term commenced.

The schools include Basuba, Milimani, Mangai, Mararani and Kiangwe in Lamu East Sub-County and Pandanguo, Maleli and Kakathe, all in Lamu West Sub-County.



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