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The Fragile States Index is an annual report published by a U.S. think tank, the Fund for Peace and the magazine Foreign Policy. The report aims to assess states’ vulnerability to conflict or collapse, ranking all 178 sovereign states with membership in the United Nations where there is enough data available for analysis. For the year 2017, 6 of the top 10 most fragile states were in Central and East Africa. South Sudan ranked as the most fragile, Somalia was the second, Central African Republic was third, Sudan tied for fifth with Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo ranked seventh, and Chad was eighth. This index shows just how volatile and chaotic this area of the world truly is. Many of these same countries also rank very high on Open Doors World Watch List which lists the 50 worst countries for Christians to live in.


2017-09-08 Africa (AllAfrica) East and central African countries have once again ranked poorly in a Washington-based think tank’s annual rating of countries’ susceptibility to instability.

South Sudan returned to position one as the most troubled country from position two while Ethiopia recorded the greatest worsening globally over 2016, according to Fragile States Index 2017.

Somalia was the second most troubled country of the 178 states that were ranked, followed by Central African Republic at position three. Sudan was fifth, Democratic Republic of Congo seventh and Burundi 17th.

Kenya was ranked at position 22, Uganda 24, Rwanda 34 and Tanzania was the most stable at position 65.




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