Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: UK-based human rights organization Global Minorities Alliance argues that Christians in Pakistan should be given a group recognition for the persecution that they face in their home country and further applying for sanctuary in the UK. GMA report provides a compelling evidence on the systematic discrimination that Christians who flee Pakistan face in Thailand. Furthermore, Christian families in Bangkok have no legal rights to work or rent and are in a constant fear of being detained and deported by Thai police.

09/5/2017 Thailand (Christians in Pakistan) – A UK based human rights organization, Global Minorities Alliance has published a fact-finding report on 4 September, 2017 featuring the situation of Pakistani Christians flee religious oppression in Thailand. The report titled: ‘Are Christians in Pakistan Persecuted? A case study of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Bangkok, Thailand, which underpins the current debate in the UK after Home Office Pakistan country guidance report, 2016; argues that Christians in Pakistan are not persecuted but rather discriminated.

The report based on the interviews of 40 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok, Thailand and additionally correspondence with the United Nations Human Rights Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and religious associations. The interviews were directed by GMA’s trustees and authors of the report, Shahid Khan and Rebecca Gebauer in July, 2016.

Global Minorities Alliance was invited by All Party Parliamentary Group on Freedom of Religion and Belief, (APPG) a parliamentary Group which focuses on religious freedom and belief in a bid to collate information from another 27 UK based rights group to be presented in Home Office report on Pakistan country guidance report. Mr Khan, was one of the delegates at the hearing session and argued that given the decades long widespread systematic discrimination which often leads to direct violence against individuals and communities, amounts to persecution according to the Article 7 of Rome Statues. GMA argued that Christians in Pakistan should be given a ‘group recognition’ in the United Kingdom for those Christians fleeing persecution from Pakistan and further applying for sanctuary in the UK.

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