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ICC Note:

Three Christian villages in Pakistan are facing threat of possible attack after local Muslims have been incited to violence by clerics. According to local reports, clerics began threatening the local Christians after a Muslim girl ran away with a Christian boy. Interfaith relationships often cause tensions between Christian and Muslim communities in Pakistan. Unfortunately, when a Muslim girl is caught in a relationship with a Christian boy, the tensions can break out into sectarian violence. 

09/06/2017 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Three predominantly Christian villages are purportedly facing threats of possible attack from local Muslims as tension between Christians and Muslims rise. Details emerged that Christians in village numbers 36, 37 and 38 nestled in Tehsil Quaidabad in District of Khushab are imperil as they anticipate retaliatory action from Muslims.

Sources revealed that tensions began after clerics incited local Muslims for vengeance. It is believed that the clashes were activated after a local Christian boy, Sunil, eloped with a Muslim girl, Saira. Soon after the news of the incident spread, local Muslims started demanding the return of the girl.

Christian villagers are being intimidated and pressurized to call the eloped couple back. Agitated Muslims have threatened to torch all the churches in the locality. However, the threat of abducting Christian girls has left Christian villagers on pins and needles.

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