Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Linda Jones

8/31/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – In November 2016, the Christian villages of Kigam, Angwan, Magaii, Kikpene and Kiziti suffered massive attacks by Fulani militants in Nigeria. Approximately 200 families were affected by this incident where at least 100 houses were burned down, two churches were demolished, 40 people were killed, and six others were injured. A large population was also displaced since their main occupation is farming and the militants destroyed their crops along with their irrigation water pumps, grain milling machines, food storage, and other assets.

The attack left the families vulnerable and in need of food and shelter. When International Christian Concern (ICC) learned of the situation, we made sure to communicate the urgency of the matter to our Regional Manager for Africa. We immediately wanted to assist these Christians who were attacked and in desperate need. Therefore, consultations were made to figure out what kind of fertilizer was best for their soil and what model to purchase for their irrigation water pumps, so that they could use them for their crops again.

In order to assist the 200 families, we bought 250 bags of fertilizer of 50 kg each and ten irrigation machines. Since this attack affected so many families, some leaders from the community decided to join this noble cause. The senior Traditional Ruler, members of his council, and the Senior Legislative Aide of the Member of House of Representatives in the Kauru Federal Constituency were present and participated in the distribution of these items to the beneficiaries. Both leaders were very pleased and thankful for the assistance we provided for our Christian brothers and sisters.

Usman Likita, a beneficiary from the Kigam region, said, “After the attack, we didn’t think we were going to get this kind of help. To all those who put together this assistance, may God bless them. This will help me and my family. May God increase them. We farm hot pepper and sometimes as God blesses it, we harvest between 10 and 20 sacks. We also cultivate sugar cane and other crops.  And someone who needs to mold some blocks for building could come and ask to be helped with the water pumping engine. We also use it for dry season farming.  I am optimistic that this help will make my life better.”

Many of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and excitement for this provision in a similar way. Kiri Avigga said of the donated irrigation water pump, “[It] will help me in vegetable farming, yams farming, and sugar cane farming.  By the grace of God, this pump will be very beneficial and profitable. I am married with seven children. May God reward the donors and replenish the source to continue to help. I am very grateful.”

Even though these families feel extremely blessed for the assistance we provided, they still fear that the Fulani militant may target them again. Please keep them in your prayers as they gather the energy and resources to rebuild their communities. Pray for their safety, protection, and peace during this difficult time. Please also pray for the church leaders in the community, so that they can continue to be used by the Lord in encouraging the victims and sharing the Gospel.