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There are 8 states in Northern Nigeria that are governed by Sharia Law. This has made these Northern states especially hostile for Christians to live in. On August 15, at around 8 pm, several gunmen stormed the house of a known Christian in Kano State, Baba Kale Dankali (62). His son, Micah Kale (20) was also at the house during the murder. Upon hearing the gunshots he ran to check on his father. He was then killed as well. Their families fled the area because it was unsafe. At that same time, three other women and a baby from Christian families were abducted. This violence towards Christians, indicative of the Northern States must be stopped.


2017-08-31 Nigeria (WorldWatchMonitor) A father and son were killed, and three women and a baby abducted, in an attack in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano, in the largely Muslim area of Tudun Wada.

At around 8pm on 15 August, armed men, believed to be local Muslims, attacked the house of Baba Kale Dankali (62), a local Christian, and killed him.

His son, Micah Kale (20) heard the gunshot, went out to see what had happened and found his father dead. At his agonized cries, the attackers returned and shot him dead too.

Both victims’ widows fled with their children.

The armed men also targeted other Christian families, kidnapping three women and a baby.

Fear caused many Christians to flee; it brought back memories of previous attacks, including the September 2007 violence, which claimed nine lives among Christians, according to official figures. (However, other sources put the toll far higher than that – one policeman was overheard complaining he was “fed up of packing corpses.”)

Locals say the latest attack is part of ongoing persecution aimed at uprooting Christians from the region.



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