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Kenyan women held captive by Al-Shabaab relate the terrors of being forced into sex slavery, forced marriages and servitude. Many of these women came from coastal Kenya, and were tricked into believing that they were being given a job. When they travelled to the work place, they would be drugged and kidnapped. For the years after, they would be forced into bed with many men a day, or into marriages to al-Shabaab militants. This is all done to help the terrorist group grow. They promise their militants that they will be given rewards for service which include the women. This inhumane treatment of women as property is one of the most terrible things about this barbaric group. 


2017-08-30 Kenya (DailyNation) When Salama Ali started investigating the disappearance of two younger brothers last year she made an awful discovery — not only were radicalized young Kenyan men leaving to join Al-Shabaab militants in neighboring Somalia, but women were being seized and trafficked by the group as sex slaves.

Salama’s search for information about her brothers had to be carried out quietly and confidentially, as any hint of a connection with the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab can arouse the suspicion of the security forces.

So she met discreetly with other women in Mombasa and the surrounding area, sharing stories and seeking information about male relatives who had vanished.

“We discovered there were lots of us,” Salama says.

But Salama also uncovered something very different — stories of women who had been taken to Somalia against their will.



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