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This month, a mother died in a prison camp in Eritrea just for following her faith. Fekadu Debasay, was a mother of three living in the most repressive country in Africa. In May, she and her husband were both arrested in a government round up of evangelical Christians. At the time of her death in early August, her body was given back to her family members for burial. When they saw the body, they noticed several unusual scars that are believed to have been caused by either improper treatment, or the unbearable conditions of the camp where she was being held. Either option shows the absolute disregard for human life that the regime in Asmara has for its own people.


2017-08-28 Eritrea (ChristianTimes) The Christian mother of three who died earlier this month while she was detained in an Eritrean prison had signs of torture on her body, according to her relatives.

Fikadu Debesay was arrested along with her husband in May as part of the Eritrean government’s crackdown against unregistered churches. In early August, the Christian mother died in detention at a camp at Metkel Abiet, north of Eritrea’s capital of Asmara.

The desert camp is situated between the towns of Gahtelai and Shieb in the Northern Red Sea Region, which is known for its oppressive heat and aridity.

During Debesay’s burial in Mendefera on Aug. 10, mourners revealed to Morning Star News that she had an unusual scar on her face as well as a scar on her left hand, “which could have been a sign of some mistreatment or intense sunburn that resulted to her untimely death.”

One relative said that Debesay’s children have been asking about what happened to their mother. “It has been very difficult consoling the children. They want to know what happened to their mother,” said a relative who is now taking care of the children.

The relative further stated that one of the children remarked, “Our parents were picked up by unknown people while we were praying at home, only for our mum to come back in a coffin. Where is our dad?” 



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