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ICC Note: A North Korean woman shares story of her past and recounts how God has been faithful in the midst of pains and darkness. North Korea persecutes Christians for their faith and place them in prisons with harsh treatment, making the nation no. 1 on Open Door USA’s World Watch List of countries where believers face the most persecution.      

08/24/2017 South Korea (Gospel Herald) – A North Korean woman who suffered unspeakable horrors while imprisoned for her faith has shared how God’s faithfulness – and one desperate prayer – sustained her through the darkest of days.

Growing up war-torn North Korea, Hannah Cho often heard her mother pray, “Hananim! Hananim! Lord! Lord! Help!”

“Life is trouble,” her mother would tell her. “If there’s trouble, you should pray.”

It wasn’t until adulthood that Hannah fully understood what her mother meant.

Her adult life wasn’t easy: Two of her six children died young, her husband lost his job, and she was forced to sell items on the black market.

“I would carry heavy, frozen meals up the mountain to sell,” she told persecution watchdog Open Doors USA.

The conditions were so bad, Hannah lost one finger and all of her toenails. One day, she jumped from a train before it come to a complete stop, permanently damaging her legs and spine.

It soon became evident to Hannah and her family that they could not survive in North Korea. Desperate, the family decided to flee to China, where they heard the Gospel in its entirety for the first time.

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