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ICC Note: Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted on February 13, 2017 in the suburb of Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur by unknown suspects. Since then, no one has heard from him or the abductors, not even his family. Malaysian police have given few updates, other than they were pursuing three angles: that Koh had “personal issues”, extremist groups were involved, or that he was kidnapped for ransom.    

08/25/2017 Malaysia (The Star) – As it approaches 200 days since the Pastor Raymond Koh (pic), the lack of a positive development into locating his whereabouts has raised concerns, says the Anglican church.

The Synod Diocese of West Malaysia (SDWM) said that numerous questions remain unanswered as to who abducted him, why he was taken, and what has happened to him.

SDWM said that as it observes this unfortunate anniversary of his disappearance on Aug 31, it continues to uphold Koh in its thoughts and prayers.

“(We) ask for God’s protection to continue to be over him wherever he may be.

“We also pray for his wife Susanna, and his children Jonathan, Esther, and Elizabeth, asking for God’s comfort to remain with them in these dark days,” it said in a statement Friday.

SDWM added that it will continue to pray for those involved in Koh’s investigation, and hoped that even those who had abducted Koh would treat him with dignity and decency.

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