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ICC Note: The Islamic State’s latest propaganda video is regarded as “powerful and dangerous” by top counter-terrorism chief of Malaysia. In the video, the group calls for Muslims in Southeast Asia to ‘perform jihad’ in the Philippine city of Marawi, showing church and crucifix being destroyed. The CT chief believes that scenes of vandalized Christian symbols will excite and stir terrorists’ passion.     

08/23/2017 Malaysia (Channel News Asia) – The Islamic State (IS) extremist group’s new video calling for Muslims in Southeast Asia to wage holy war in the Philippine city of Marawi is both “powerful” and “dangerous”, Malaysia’s top counter-terror cop told Channel NewsAsia.

“This video is powerful and moving. It will inflame passions and inspire IS followers in Malaysia, Indonesia – all of Southeast Asia – to go to southern Philippines to wage jihad,” said Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, counter-terrorism chief of Malaysia’s Special Branch – the intelligence arm of the Royal Malaysian Police.

The release of the video comes as fighting between government troops and IS-linked militants entered its fourth month on Wednesday (Aug 23).

The video showed young men setting fire to a church and destroying a large crucifix and several statues of Mother Mary, evoking scenes of destruction of thousand-year old artefacts in Iraq’s Mosul Museum when IS took over the city in 2015. They are also seen ripping up photos of Pope Francis.

“For a Muslim fanatic, the sight of a crucifix being destroyed will excite and stir their passions …. to fight,” Ayob said.

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