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Mali has been going through rough times in recent years as the northern half had been taken by jihadists. These rebels were able to control much of the North from 2012 to 2013 and enforce their strict form of Sharia over all of the people under their control. This led to police in the north conducting many heinous acts against the people that lived there. One such officer was a man named Aliou Mahamane Toure, who was the chief of police in the city of Gao for ten months. As such, he order the amputations of multiple individuals who had been found guilty of crimes. He has now been tried and found guilty of human’s rights violations and been served a 10 year jail sentence. Jihadist’s still hold sway over several areas in the north and conduct terror attacks regularly.


2017-08-19 Mali (Reuters) A Malian Islamist police chief who cut off people’s hands as part of a harsh form of Islamic law during an occupation of the north in 2012-13 by jihadi rebels was handed a 10-year jail term, his lawyer said on Saturday.

The trial, which opened on Friday, was the first by a national Malian court for crimes by Islamists when they took over the desert north after an uprising by northern ethnic Tuareg separatists.

Aliou Mahamane Toure was head of police in the northern city of Gao during the 10-month regime. His lawyer Oumar Abocar Sidibe told Reuters the court had arrived at the decision late on Friday.

“We intend to appeal,” he said, on the grounds that other Islamists who had committed atrocities had gone free.

But he said that Toure “benefited from mitigating circumstances, as he could otherwise have gotten the death penalty and the prosecution had asked for life imprisonment.”

Mali retains the death penalty in principle but hasn’t practiced it since the 1990s.

The Islamists were also known to conduct public stonings and floggings as punishment for adultery and other acts.




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