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ICC Note:

The US released its report on religious freedom across the world and criticized states like Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia for their poor records on religious freedom.  Iran rejected the report, claiming that it was “unrealistic, baseless, unfounded, and biased.” Iran claimed that the US should focus on the “religious and racial discrimination” in the US rather than issuing reports purely for “political gains.”

08/17/2017 Iran (Radio Free Europe) – Iran has rejected a U.S. religious freedom report critical of Tehran as “unrealistic, baseless, unfounded, and biased.”

In its annual International Religious Freedom Report released on August 15, the State Department chided Iran’s government for harassing and arresting Baha’is, Christians, Sunni Muslims, and other religious minorities.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi reacted to the report on August 16, saying it “has only been made with the intention of certain political gains.”

Ghasemi said Washington should focus on improving its own record of discrimination and alleged that “religious and racial discrimination, Islamophobia, and xenophobia are a widespread and frequent phenomenon” among U.S. politicians.

He added that Muslims in the United States face “violent and discriminating actions on a daily basis by state bodies.”


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