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Iranian authorities are cracking down on Christians in an attempt to stop its explosive growth. In response, Christians are leaving Iran. About 500 Christian converts are seeking safety in Turkey and are able to practice religious rites in public more than they could in Iran. Some of the Christians spoke with news sources to reveal that it is unknown how many Christians are in Iran because everything is so secret. In addition, many Christian converts said they converted to Christianity because “whatever I saw [in Islam] was wrong.”

08/16/2017 Iran (Premier) – Some 500 Christian converts from Iran have sought asylum in Turkey following persecution by the authorities, according to a Kurdish news website.

Rudaw published a video from Van in Turkey, close to the Iranian border, in which Kurdish Christian converts refused to appear on camera or reveal their names, with one man and his family who converted to Christianity from Islam saying that they used to practise their faith in secret.


He said that in Iran, “there is not an accurate figure to say how many people have become Christians because everything is secret”.

He added: “When a Muslim converts to Christianity, they do so in secret. Rituals are secret since they are in danger…ours was secret, too.”

Another young man who converted only after he arrived in Van said that he did not think he could be the person he wanted to be if he remained Muslim. He added that he is now feeling “comfortable” as a Christian.

And another said Iran is punishing many Kurds with the death penalty, although many of them share the same religion.

He claimed that hundreds of Kurdish youth in Iran have abandoned Islam and embraced Christianity and said “I changed my religion because I did not see anything in Islam”.

“Whatever I saw was wrong.


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