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ICC Note:

Christians in Pakistan are calling on the government to better include ethnic and religious minorities to help counter intolerance, discrimination, extremism, and violence. Minorities in Pakistan have very little representation in the government. What representation they do have are not directly elected by their communities. Instead, these individuals are appointed by the ruling parties. This lack of access to the halls of power have had a negative effect on the position of minorities, including Christians, in Pakistan. Will Pakistan listen and allow for greater inclusion of minorities? 

08/14/2017 Pakistan (Asia News) – Rwadari Tehreek (RT) on Wednesday, National Minorities Day, issued an appeal in favor of pluralism and harmony to counter the prevalent culture of intolerance, extremism and violence.

RT wants the federal and provincial governments and all other stakeholders to meet the challenge and protect the rights and freedoms of Pakistani minorities.

In a statement, RT chairman Samson Salamat expressed great concern over the dangerous rise in discrimination and violence against religious minorities and their faith.

“Pakistani citizens who belong to minority communities are forced to accept jobs in which they are highly discriminated” like garbage collection, domestic work, construction, “but so far nothing has been done to put an end to this,” the statement said.

The issue requires a political solution, but the corridors of power lack genuine representation from religious minorities because of their ineffective presence at all levels of Pakistan’s democratic system.

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