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Syrian Democratic Forces, a group led by Kurds, reportedly saved seven Christians from ISIS in Raqqa. A few of the women told their rescuers that ISIS forced the Christian women to wear head scarfs so people could still see their faces and avoid mistaking the women for Muslims. ISIS is still using civilians inside of Raqqa as human shields to defend against the forces seeking Raqqa’s liberation.                           

08/10/2017 Syria (AINA) –  The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Tuesday saved seven Christians from ISIS militants in Raqqa province.

The SDF-linked Syriac Military Council (MFS) said on Tuesday that the rescued civilians were from Syriac and Armenian origins, adding that they are originally from Raqqa city in northeastern Syria.

“Our forces have saved two Armenian families today,” said Mustafa Bali, Director of the Information Office of the SDF.

Saws Karabidian, a Christian woman who was among those rescued by the SDF, said: “They [ISIS] forced us to wear the headscarf and allowed us to reveal our faces to distinguish us from Muslims. We had to hide our faces to avoid insults.”

“We were forced to pay tribute by hand and we were humiliated and insulted, what a homeland that makes you pay an additional tax because you are different,” Karadij Karadjian, another Christian civilian who was rescued on Tuesday, told SDF fighters. “Today is a new birth for us.”



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