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In Egypt’s continued fight against terrorism, the military announced that armed forces killed two alleged extremists in Sinai.  The reports come after several clashes between militants and the military over the weekend resulting in two injured policemen and two dead militants. Egypt has struggled in the past to control and contain extremism with Coptic Christians recently suffering from massive attacks in the last year. Outside of President al-Sisi’s state of emergency, little else has been done to protect the vulnerable population group of Coptic Christians.        

08/07/2017 Egypt (Daily News Egypt) – The armed forces announced on Sunday that they killed two alleged extremist in North Sinai amid the ongoing military operations fighting terrorism in the region, military spokesperson Tamer Al-Refaei said in a statement.

Two cars were destroyed in process. According to the statement, the military forces of the second field army attacked a den of extremists and destroyed a vehicle and two motor bikes.
Also on Saturday night, a militant attack on a police checkpoint in North Sinai’s city of Al-Arish injured two policemen, according to state-owned media.

An unnamed official source told state-owned media that the Ministry of Interior is intensifying security measures in the area of the attack, while explosives experts are sweeping the area for bombs.

Last week, the military said that clashes between army forces and militants at several outposts in southern Rafah killed around 40 militants and led to the destruction of 6 cars that were used in the attack.



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