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Bishop Carlos Morales was arrested with his wife, driver and a companion at a checkpoint in the village of Gango in Ozamis City in the Philippines last May. The bishop is facing charges of “harboring a Most Wanted person”, who was travelling with the bishop in his car and is an alleged member of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Fellow believers said the accusation of the police against Bishop Morales was baseless and have marched together a few times since May to demand his release.

08/06/2017 Philippines (UCA News) – The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church) has renewed calls for the release of one of its bishops, Carlo Morales, who is currently detained for alleged illegal position of explosives.

Bishop Morales and his companions were arrested at a checkpoint in the city of Ozamiz in the southern Philippines on May 11.

The arresting soldiers claimed one of the bishop’s companions was a member of the rebel National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

The church group called the charge “malicious and ridiculous.”

“We demand the immediate release of Bishop Carlo Morales. He must continue his mission and ministry outside of prison,” said Bishop Joel Porlares, general secretary of the church group.

“His immediate release is just and fair. His captors are the ones who should be jailed for accusing a righteous person,” said Bishop Porlares.

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