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ICC Note:

Six Christians, arrested in May after being falsely accused of kidnapping and forcing children to convert to Christianity, remain imprisoned in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The false charges leveled against the Christians are claimed to be motivated by religious intolerance from local Hindu radical groups since the parents of the children gave permission for the Christians to accompany their children to a Bible camp and since the children in question are practicing Christians. Will India’s judicial system come to the just result of releasing these Christians or will they bow to the pressure of Hindu radicals?  

08/04/2017 India (Townhall) – In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, six Christians were charged with kidnapping and forcing children into conversion– because they accompanied the children to a church camp.

The railway station arrest happened on May 23, World Magazine wrote, and included 70 children as they were on their way to the bible camp, after Hindus told the police that the Christians were committing the crime of forced conversion, trafficking the children for that purpose.

Parents confirmed they sent the children to camp voluntarily, and most of the children were released three days later. Akash Gundia, though a young man of 15, said, “I told the police I am a Christian by birth, and we are going to attend the VBS, but they did not listen to me and took us to the police station.” They held him till June 20 in juvenile detention.

Though they are Christians, William Stark of ICC said that, “Authorities have decided to ignore that fact,” because, according to World, the parents are registered as Hindu on their IDs, the government claims the children are also Hindu.

According to The International Christian Concern, Nana Singh, a parent of one of the children said that they charged the chaperones, some of whom are pastors, “to pressure Christians and intimidate them to go back to the Hindu religion.”

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