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Pro-ISIS terrorists launched an assault on one of the biggest southern cities in the Philippines last May, trapping hundreds of civilians, and the fighting is dragging on. More than 500 have been killed, including 45 civilians and 105 government troops. On August 2, the Philippine military rescued a Christian carpenter, identified as Dodong, who was dodging bullets and surviving by eating raw grains of rice and drinking rain water for more than two months. The carpenter was in stable condition and might be allowed to go home soon to reunite with his family.

08/03/2017 Philippines (Benar News) – The Philippine military said Tuesday it had rescued a Christian carpenter who was trapped for more than two months inside Marawi city, where government forces have been fighting to oust Islamic State-linked militants since late May.

The 41-year-old man, identified only as Dodong, appeared weak and frail as he faced journalists at the Amai Pakpak Hospital here while loud explosions from military bombing runs reverberated in the distance.

Dodong said he survived by eating raw grains of rice, and by drinking rain water as he hid on the rooftop of his employers’ home.

Dodong described scenes of chaos and how he witnessed young militants go from house to house, hauling off valuables in trucks and committing arson.

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