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The persecution of Christians in countries where Buddhism is the most practiced religion is not uncommon. A Laotian new convert in Christ was tricked by his brother and uncle into 12-hour of beating and threats, forcing him to return to the Hmong culture or else he would be disowned, or worse, face death. He managed to escape and started new life in a Christian community far away from his home.

08/02/2017 Laos (Christian Daily) – A young Christian convert in Laos was tied up, beaten, and threatened with death by his own family in order to force him to return to the Hmong culture. However, he refused to give in and found a way to escape to a place where he could freely practice his faith.

In an interview with an Open Doors USA fieldworker, Cheu (not his real name) shared how his brother and uncle once invited him to their house when he was still a new Christian convert, not knowing that they were planning something bad. The two tied him up with rope, his hands behind his back, and beat him from morning until evening just to force him to denounce his faith.

“If you won’t go back, we will hit you until you die,” Cheu’s brother and uncle threatened.

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