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For many of those left in Mosul the fight to survive has not finished although Mosul has been declared liberated. They desperately need medical aid but after losing everything they cannot afford treatment. Thus, children and adults alike, who are badly injured, get turned away. The government lacks resources to help, as it is still fighting ISIS in northern Iraq. Mosul needs aid and support if healing is to begin.  

08/02/2017 Iraq (Sky News) – He is in desperate need of artificial limbs, wheelchairs and crutches and is entirely dependent on local donors to provide them.

“We need locals to pay for wheelchairs,” he told me. “I have already given 500 out to adults and kids this year but it is not enough. Listen, I have registered tens of thousands of handicapped patients.”

Sitting quietly in the corner with a colouring book on her lap, I noticed a girl called Maryam Ahmad Sameer.

She was shot in the face as she tried to flee the fighting in June and has lost the use of one eye. The nine-year-old can barely see in the other.

I asked Maryam if she would describe what happened.

“We came out of the house, we wanted to run away, but a rocket – a bullet – came out of the blue. I didn’t feel anything but I knew I was falling to the ground,” she told me.

Mariam needs advanced surgery, skin grafts and rehabilitation but her parents do not have the means to pay for a private doctor. They lost everything they own, including their house, in the final battle for Mosul.

“We have come for some help,” said Maryam. “My father is unemployed and we live in a rented house – the rent is expensive and we can’t afford it.”



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