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In 2008, Liu Xiaobo was arrested and falsely charged with “inciting subversion of power.” He advocated for human rights and religious freedom in China. Liu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, died from liver cancer and extensive torture on July 13, 2017 in police custody. Since the spreading of her husband’s ashes at sea, family and friends have not heard from Liu Xia. It has been reported that officials enforced her to go on “vacation” in the southwestern province of Yunnan. There is speculation that the government is holding Liu for fear of what Liu might say or do if they release her.

08/02/2017 China (RFA) – Friends and fellow activists expressed growing concern over the disappearance of Liu Xia, widow of Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died on July 13 of liver cancer in police custody.

Liu has been incommunicado since her husband’s burial at sea, and friends say official reports of her statements can’t be regarded as reliable.

She and her brother Liu Hui are believed to be under close surveillance by China’s state security police at an unknown location, amid growing fears for Liu Xia’s mental health.

Beijing-based activist Hu Jia, a friend of Liu Xia’s, said there is currently no fresh news of her since unconfirmed reports emerged that she was taken by state security police on an enforced “vacation” in the southwestern province of Yunnan.

“There is absolutely no news now to indicate what pressure Liu Xia and [her brother] Liu Hui are under,” Hu told RFA on Monday. “Our friends in Yunnan have given us a rather strange response, refusing to confirm or deny the story that she is there.”


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