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Fifteen Christians in India were beaten and banished from their village after they refused to renounce their faith.  Across India, attacks on Christians and their places of worship are dramatically increasing. In India’s Chhattisgarh state, villages are passing resolutions that make the practice of Christianity illegal. These villages follow up these resolutions with threats and social boycotts against Christians demanding they renounce their Christian faith and accept Hinduism. Will India allow incidents like this continue to spread throughout the country? 

08/01/2017 India (Christian Today) – More than a dozen Christians have been expelled from their village in India after they refused to recant their faith.

After multiple threats the group of 15 were told if they did not renounce their religion they would face ‘dire consequences’, according to the persecution watchdog Open Doors.

When they declined they were beaten by a mob of 2,000 from their village. One 22-year-old girl was left unconscious. and the attackers taunted them saying: ‘If your Jesus is alive ask him to heal her right now.’

When she eventually regained consciousness the 15 Christians fled and sheltered at a church in a nearby town.

Open Doors, a charity for persecuted Christians, have documented a ‘sharp rise’ in attacks against Christians in India with 350 incidents recorded in 2015 rapidly growing to 800 in 2016.

The charity say hundreds more have already been recorded this year.

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