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In Myanmar, where Buddhism is the prominent religion, Christians are often harassed and attacked by Buddhist mobs and monks. Last month, such an instance took place in Thi Taw village in northwest Myanmar, resulting in several injuries to Christians attending the church services held at believers’ homes. The newly converted Christians were pressured by authorities and monks to return to Buddhism, or they would be banished from the village.

08/01/2017 Myanmar (Christian Times) – A mob of Buddhists reportedly attacked Christian villagers in Myanmar for holding late-night church services to celebrate and welcome new converts.

According to Morning Star News, about 150 Buddhists and monks threw stones and broke into houses of Christians in Thi Taw village in northwest Burma’s Sagaing Region on July 6. Three men and four women reportedly suffered injuries on their heads, faces and backs, and three motorbikes were destroyed in the attack.

The Buddhists complained that the Assembly of God Church members, visiting from neighboring Chin state, held services for three days, singing and preaching late into the night to celebrate and welcome new Christians. Two families reportedly left Buddhism and converted to Christianity on July 4.

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