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ICC Note:

The Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) has been in constant violent conflict since its civil war began in 1997. This conflict has been called “Africa’s World War”. It has involved tens of millions of people, including millions of deaths. There has been widespread use of Child Soldiers in these conflicts, which leads to a devastation of future populations, and increased future violence. Right now, the DRC has more IDPs than any other nation in Africa, including Eritrea and Somalia.


08/01/2017 Democratic Republic of Congo (ChristianToday) – The fighting has left 140 children dead since June, the United Nations confirmed, with Christian charity World Vision calling for a urgent response to halt the escalating violence.

Trihadi Saptoadi, from the charity’s campaign to stop violence against children, said: ‘This is first and foremost a child protection crisis. And one of the world’s worst. Children are being killed, and most of those caught up in the fighting are under the age of 18.

‘They are the first victims of this violence.’

A new report from World Vision warned a failure to provide immediate aid to youngsters who stop being child soldiers will lead to more deaths.

‘What these children need now is support, to help them recover and rebuild. They need peace and stability,’ Saptoadi added.

‘It will take mediation and peacebuilding, provided by the government and partners. It will take urgent and sustained funding. And it will take a commitment. It’s not impossible but it must happen now.’



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